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I don't really talk about my rosacea much. I have it. I avoid the sun and heat like the plague; I avoid spice past a certain point (jalapenos and up in Tex-Mex cooking are triggers; curiously, wasabi isn't). In my car, the air conditioner is like a cool, moist balm. I've had laser treatments that weren't so successful. I use sunscreen. I try to do what I can not to provoke it without turning into a recluse, because I refuse to stop living life, dammit. I try to strike a balance.

This past week, I've had a really major outbreak: more of my face than ever before. I'm sure it's a combination of hormones, the onset of spring and the particles in the air, and significant personal and professional stress. However, I've felt for a while that the dermatologist I've had since I was 27 and I weren't really making progress with my treatment. The stuff he had prescribed seemed to aggravate my skin instead of soothing it. I decided it was time for a second opinion, and I saw a new dermatologist today.

It's barely 7 hours later as I type this, and my face feels cool to the touch for the first time in I simply can't remember when. My eyes welled with tears of disbelief. Not to go all reality TV on you, but some of you with medical conditions who have had a breakthrough after a long plateau may understand my feelings. A fair amount of redness is still present, and it will take time, but I've thrown out all my old stuff, and I'm giving this a real try.

Maybe this woman can give me my face back. I don't expect to have the pretty skin I had before age 26 or so, but any improvement would be truly welcome. Regardless, it feels, well, not to cheese out and use a buzzword, but it feels empowering to try a new treatment.

I am cautiously optimistic. I'm not getting my hopes up, but we'll see how it goes.

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