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I've now had:

1 ep of Buffy, 2 eps of Enterprise, 2 eps of Firefly, 2 eps of John Doe, 1 ep of Alias, and 1 ep of Haunted. Tape, and mix well with new television set. ;)

Still waiting on season premiere of Angel. Hands down, though, I think the Alias premiere had the freshest feel to it. I like the energy and pacing of the show

Buffy . . . I'm getting far more of Dawn than I ever wanted to see. Fans have already dubbed her, Kit, and Carlos as the "Scrappy Gang." I hope not. I so hope not. Liked the Willow/Giles time; would've enjoyed more. Some are speculating on Willow eventually becoming a Watcher. Spike appears to be temporarily not in control of all of his marbles -- the sliver we saw was interesting, but I wanted more than just that sliver. The new principal could be an interesting addition.

I get big, sledgehammery senses of them trying to pass the torch (and I know it's gotta be passed to someone, as SMG has pretty much said no to a contract renewal), but I don't want to see it passed to Dawn. Sorry. I like Michelle Trachtenberg's performance just fine, I just don't much care for the character. I'm not sure I'd want to see a season 8. On the one hand, I always enjoy some of the cast, both regular and recurring, but, while there may still be some fresh concepts available for them to run with, I think the energy may be fading. Then again, it could just be that lull that happens after a big burst, like last season's finale. We'll see, but I think the lack of Whedon's involvement (no matter his protests to the contrary), and the fact that it's the seventh season -- well, I'm not saying it doesn't have life left in it yet, but I would muchly prefer to see the show end on a high note, rather than get dragged into "X-Files-why-does-this-season-exist?" land.

Firefly . . . I haven't made any decisions yet.

Haunted . . . It's unlikely that I'll watch it again. Outside of the brief and blatant David Lynch homage with the fan and the electricity, I didn't find it compelling. Speaking of Lynch connections, Grace Zabriskie (Mrs. Palmer) made an appearance on last week's John Doe. I can't decide if I like that one or not.

In other news, I had a crown put on one of my back teeth this Saturday. :/ I won't get the permanent seated for three weeks.

No nuts, no hard foods, no sticky foods for the next little while.

Oh, and why am I posting so much about television? Because it's pretty darned novel after six months without. ;)

Tags: buffy/angel, fandoms, firefly, health, television
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