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Awww, Glee

Okay, I'm going to goo on Glee for just a minute. Just pass on by if you haven't seen the "Sectionals" episode.

The Kiss was extremely well-acted, I thought. Will (Matthew Morrison), looks so vulnerable and a little frightened, as he should be -- this is the first woman he's kissed since he's been married, and he's not technically divorced yet. He teeters, and then he commits. Emma (Jayma Mays) is so happy, but you can see the thoughts going through her head as she realizes the impact of getting what she's wished for for so very many months -- the fact that they're two co-workers involved in a relationship; that Will is still legally married, if separated, and just the whole overwhelming reality of it. They both convey the wonder of the moment. It's a touching scene, and the actors nicely convey the range of emotions these two characters are experiencing.

However, as I wrote on Twitter:
Dear Jayma Mays: The lemur from whom you pilfered the enormous Eyes of Cuteness would like them back, please. :)

I don't think I've seen eyes that expressive since Elijah Wood.

The youngsters are fun, but the adults really do a great job.

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