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I enjoyed Naomi Watts' performance in Mulholland Dr., and am curious to see The Ring. While I doubt it will be dark, dreamy, surreal goodness of the Lynch variety, that's a treat that one only gets every so often. In the meantime, the trailer spin leaves me somewhat curious about this one. Additionally, according to IMDB, it's a remake of a "Japanese horror classic" by the same name.

Rings. Tons of symbolism with rings throughout our culture. Lynch uses them, too. Frodo's journey. Rings often associated with magic; the complete and perfect circle is powerful. To wear the small, intimate, valuable object on the finger, to encircle and enclose it . . . and to harness the hand, a primary, some say the primary means of interfacing with our world. As a primatologist once reminded me, we see the world with our hands. The hand is action -- the ring enhances the hand, and enhances or strengthens the action. In a negative light, this enclosure can trap the hand . . . a ring that squeezes, a ring that binds, forcing the removal of the finger, and thus, a weakening of the individual's ability to manifest and carry out actions . . .

Forgive me. The inner English major who never met a symbol she didn't want to muse upon is apparently peeking out at the moment. I'll tuck her into bed . . . and if this much-needed-rain persists, it would be a perfect drizzly afternoon to curl up with a book and tea, maybe Sunday. We'll see.

Afterthought: hrrrm, you don't suppose my sister's engagement has me subconsciously thinking of rings, do you? No, I rather think it was the movie piquing my interest that kicked this off. ;)

Tags: david lynch, lord of the rings, movies, symbolism
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