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Cobb County. Again.

Cobb teen told he can't dress like a female at school

Of course, I support Escobar. However, thinking practically, it seems like the teen might at least have been mentally prepared for this unpleasantness had he or his sister been aware of Cobb County's infamous record on this sort of thing. It probably wouldn't have hurt to have chatted with a lawyer just in case of a fight.

Let's just take a little look at history. Remember that ...
  • This is the county that chose to stick with an anti-gay resolution they had enacted, rather than rescind it and host the Olympic volleyball competition as originally planned (they moved it to the University of Georgia). Here's a handy excerpt from the "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished" chapter of C. Richard Yarbrough's book, And They Call Them Games, courtesy of Google Books. Start with the second paragraph on page 96, and read through the end of page 105.

    Here's a New York Times article on the matter.

  • This is the county that wanted to discredit evolution by placing a sticker on all biology textbooks.

  • This is the state in which approximately 77% of the population voted against gay marriage in 2004.
    (With 97% of precincts reporting, 77% of Georgia voted yes on Amendment 1.)

I'm just saying that while I applaud the determination he displayed in leaving Florida, he didn't exactly improve his situation much. From one frying pan to another, so to speak.

However, I'm pleased to see the outpouring of support for him on Facebook that the article mentions.

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