pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

Okay, he really, really needs to stop

... or be stopped. This just gets worse and worse. He has to have had a mental breakdown to be experiencing this kind of logorrhea. That's the only possible excuse I can find for being so extraordinarily hurtful to his wife and four children. At the time of this writing, 86% of respondents to The State's poll want him to resign. Why can't he save South Carolina some money (by not having to initiate an investigation), and what's left of his dignity by doing the right thing?

AP Newsbreak: SC gov 'crossed lines' with women

SC gov's life unraveled by forbidden romance

He is "trying to fall back in love with his wife," but Chapur is his "soul mate," he says? Sir, could you please embarrass your wife and sons some more? I don't think they've had quite enough yet. Sheesh, what a cad. Jenny should either have him committed for psychiatric evaluation or kick him to the curb ... or both.

Edit: 10 SC Senate Republicans call for Sanford to step down.

Tags: culture/society, people behaving badly, politics/government
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