pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

All the right moves

If They Can Find Time for Date Night ...Source: The New York Times

I don't care if it is staged or not: they are setting a good example. This is precisely the sort of keeping-up-appearances thing that earned the Bush administration harsh words from me during Hurricane Katrina. I'm sure Bush was briefed the whole time he was playing guitar, but the outward appearance was that he was fiddling while Rome burned, or, in this case, strumming while New Orleans flooded.

The Obamas aren't going to leave office with the realization that their spouse has changed so much in the last four to eight years that he or she has become unrecognizable. Malia and Sascha will still have parents ... they'll still have a connected family at the end of their time in the White House. Good for them, I say. Even if they're going through the motions, they're a lot more convincing than the Clintons -- as far as I could tell, the date nights Bill had while in office were primarily with Monica Lewinsky.

Tags: people behaving properly, politics/government
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