pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

The Palm Pre arrives in stores in three days

My dear husband shared this with me:

SlingPlayer coming to Pre "at or near launch"?

Want. They're going to be mighty scarce at launch, but if I walk into a Sprint store and there's one for purchase, it's going to be hard not to cave on my "I'll be a grown-up and save $160 by waiting to cancel our Verizon contract" stance.

I've even added a specific tag for it here for easy sorting of entries. Yeah, yeah - go on and ready the merciless teasing: while I won't drink the actual Kool-Aid until I get the chance to test drive the device for myself, psychologically, I know I've got my glass ready with the ice cubes in it just waiting on the pour. :)

Tags: gadgets, palm pre, technology
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