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Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer

Gamer squee time: in the span of about three minutes, I saw jasondemotte's post on this while my husband was watching it on his monitor and gesturing for me to come over there and watch it with him, and then saw a link to it on my guild's boards right after.

There's a reason for the simulmeme: it's one of the best game trailers I've seen in some time. If the movies had been this solid, people wouldn't have pelted George Lucas with so much rotten fruit.

Star Wars: The Old Republic - "Deceived" courtesy of GameTrailers.com (QuickTime)

I've watched it three times now. When the ships fly in, I can't help recalling Delenn's line from B5: "I think of my beautiful city in flames."

If that's not David Wenham doing the voice narration, it's gotta be a relative or someone doing a formidable impersonation, because it really sounds like him.

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