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Food roundup post!

  • Today is National Cocktail Day.

  • Omniivore Atlanta reports that bacon flavored vodka is coming. Also, conservatives are really reaching if how Obama likes his hamburger is all they can find to complain about.

  • An unconventional three martini lunch at Livingston. Speaking of Livingston, here's Omnivore's first look. The profiteroles with lavender-spiked Chantilly cream sound dreamy. More pictures here. Mmm, oysters.

  • These folks are proposing a food blog code of ethics.

  • I still need to get to Via Elisa Pasta. Learning that they make their own tiramisu is just additional incentive.

  • My father would like this: all-you-can-eat mussels on Monday nights at the Peasant Bistro.

  • Mae's Soul Food sounds like a promising solution to a soul food craving when the weather gets cool again. More on meat-and-threes from Bill Addison.

  • Must try Holeman & Finch pimiento cheese.

  • While I realize that this movie is likely to be inflammatory, I still want to see it, and hope it gets released here in Atlanta. Food, Inc. It's impossible to deny the rash of food contamination problems we've experienced in the last few years. JCT. Bar is making it, too. It's trendy, but as far as I'm concerned, it never went out of style.

  • Richard Blais breaks it down about Atlanta's food scene. He's right. Frankly, I'm still sad that Guenter Seeger, Sotohiro Kosugi, Joel Antunes and Michael Touhy have departed. It's not that we don't still have some outstanding chefs -- we do. But for a city our size, we are proportionally impoverished. If Linton Hopkins ever leaves, tears will pour down my cheeks.

  • Consumer Reports' May issue rates grocery scores on cleanliness, price, service, and other factors. Here's an excerpt. Hooray for Trader Joe's!

  • Speaking of grocery stores, I'll have to look for Beecher's crackers the next time I'm in Whole Foods.

  • You know I plan to see Julie & Julia when it comes out in August.

  • Sea urchin is now trendy. I've been a junkie for years -- uni and ika are my two favorite sushi options. The good news? It's more available.

  • NY Times article on absinthe. My husband is interested in acquiring some, so I sent him the link.

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