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My sister played this for me last month as we headed up to the mountains.

The Langley Schools Music Project

It came from Canada . . . . ;)

Yes, it came from Canada . . . and it isn't very good, really. The children are off-key in parts, or bits are, well, overly exuberant with the percussion, shall we say? And yet, a month later, after hearing it, I still find it in my head, and I do a web search for it. To my surprise, and I mention this because there are those who will find it interesting, author Neil Gaiman is quoted on the page as liking it. Well, I don't like all of it -- some of it is so bad it's good, and, well, some of it is just plain bad. That's my crusty take on it, but maybe I'd like more of it if I had offspring. I guess what I'm saying is that even I can't help but smile at the charming innocence of some of the tracks. If I listen to their version of "Band on the Run," I laugh and I am happy in a goofy way. You won't see me gushing about it the way the liner notes do, they're a humorous read in and of themselves, but I still can't help but acknowledge the CD as a good thing, even a needed thing right now.

So why is it taking the States by storm? There was even a VH-1 special on it in June. My sister found out about it through her boyfriend who works for a college radio station in addition to his day job. As the Buffy gang would sing (speaking of singing), "I've got a theory."

I think some of it is 9/11 residuals. I think many in the States are, on unconscious levels, drawn to this 1977 recording made in a school gym on a dual track tape deck because maybe we really desperately need to hear it and be reminded of the sheer fun of kids banging on woodblock instruments. I don't know if this album would've had the same breakthrough success had it appeared on the scene this time last year. However, it's a balm of sorts: the first anniversary of 9/11 is just about a month and a half away, and perhaps on some level, we're girding ourselves before we're forced to revisit it.

Completely unrelated to that, tonight was fun, and it was nice of Mike to do that. Folks seemed to like the pudding.

Not a blessed thing to do with that, but since installing Windows XP, my speakers seem to sound better than they ever did before. It's bizarre, but nice.


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