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Recipe round-up

It's not all about restaurants: I do still cook. My beloved husband wants me to make this Arugula-Pistachio Pesto. Have I mentioned lately how completely I adore him? :) I think it'd be a great candidate for a vacation meal: make it before we leave, take it in a jar, and toss it with fresh, hot pasta accompanied by a bag salad, perhaps. Easy and good. However, if my husband is reading this, I want a banh mi for my birthday (nom at Nam?). Or almost anything from Star Provisions. Cheese, for example, or something from their deli. Perhaps the Jasper Hill Farm's Winnemere, which looks insanely good. Did someone say Vacherin? :)

Other recent recipes of note, most from Serious Eats or The Bitten Word, with a few from Running with Tweezers:

Breads and Cakes

Pork Salads Seafood Soups Vegetables Other
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