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Food and restaurant links

  • It looks like CitySearch has launched a new web site called 3 Buck Bites, featuring inexpensive dining in cities across the USA. Atlanta is one of them. Also of interest (to me, anyway), is that an acquaintance of mine, Derek Lee, is apparently helping to author it, though not the Atlanta part. Small foodie world.

  • It's just as well for my wallet that I don't live closer to Star Provisions. Cupcakes may be tiring as a trend, but when they're this well-crafted, who cares? I seriously want to try one of those.

  • And in what I consider to be excellent food news, it seems that Holeman & Finch is now serving their famous burger at Sunday brunch! The terrine pictured looks delicious, too. Must go, must go, must go. More on the wonderful Chef Hopkins (even as I type this, he's just been announced as a 2009 James Beard nominee): it seems that Restaurant Eugene is updating its menu. Given that entree-sized portions are also available, it sounds like the best of both worlds to me! And perhaps a pre-dinner PB&J cocktail is in order, just for fun.

  • Also happy: Taurus' chef has found a new home, still in Atlanta, yay! Gary Mennie will be helming Livingston at the Georgian Terrace. It's due to open in mid-April.

  • More from Blissful Glutton, and from John Kessler: there's a rumor that Joel Antunes, ousted from The Oak Room in NYC, may return to Atlanta after all. Specifically, to Tom Catherall's Home restaurant. Given that the location once housed Seeger's, maybe good culinary spirits will help Joel find his footing once again. If the rumor turns out to be true, I'd love to go. I never got to visit Joel when he was helming it.

  • Speaking of Seeger and Antunes, the former gets a mention here. Consulting for a department store in Canada? Cooking is hard labor, no doubt about that, and I'm glad he's happy, but what a loss that he's not in the kitchen.

  • I totally need to try cucumber vodka.

  • Chloe at Chow Down Atlanta remains my favorite Atlanta food blogger. I'll definitely have to try the Swiss Alpine Bakery she reviews in this post, as it isn't too far away.

  • Speaking of baked goods, I'd love to make it to Café Lapin. If the crust is good enough for Shirley Corriher, I'm sure it's good enough for me. Mmm, quiche.

  • Like most Atlanta foodies, I cannot wait for Varasano's Pizzeria to open.

  • Not an Atlanta news bit, but I liked this quote from Anthony Bourdain about Martha Stewart. Ditto the Rachael Ray quote. Even though I avoid reality television shows like the plague, he almost makes me want to give The Chopping Block a try.

  • Also outside Atlanta: Someday, when I visit New York again, I am going to have a real East Side pickle. Speaking of New York, you know times are tough when Per Se has open tables and a lower-priced menu.

  • Bill Addison (Covered Dish) covered Michael Pollan's speech in Atlanta recently. Quotable: "Historically, the more the American government has talked about fat, the fatter its citizens have gotten." Pollan queries: "Where is the food in our food?" A fair question for many of the products on grocery shelves.

  • Food products: Lavender rice sounds phenomenal.


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