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Battlestar Galactica: Sometimes a Great Notion

Don't read this if you're not up to date on BSG. The whole post is full of spoilers.

  • I was right about the Fifth. I feel pretty good about it, too, because I'm never right about this sort of thing, but this time, I was. Moore & Co. still have a lot of explaining to do about how those of the Tighs' age can fit into the timeline, but they're apparently aware of it from the questions Anders, Tory, and Tyrol were asking themselves. Some are suggesting that Ellen is an older Six model or a Six predecessor of some sort. We'll see.

  • Poor, poor Dee. She was never my favorite character, but I do feel sorry for her, and would much rather have seen her have a happy ending. She just never really got to have anything. People are asking why she did it. I think I know. Because she'd had her hopes dashed just too many times. Because she'd babysat earlier, knowing what she wanted, knowing that the Earth she'd dreamed of was gone. Because there wasn't going to be any pretty green valley in which to settle down and raise a family. Because that last kiss with Lee was as good as it was ever going to get, in her mind. I think she'd already made up her mind; she just thought that was a good note on which to end it. What she said to her picture, about that younger version of her having no idea of what was in store ... she had no hope left, and she didn't want to fight any more.

    Initially, I was shocked, but her words to Hera about "You have no idea what's just happened, do you? To you, it's just another day ..." suggest to me that she'd made up her mind back there on the beach, seeing the children's toy, the innocent jacks, and weeping for what she saw as no future at all.

    I'm concerned that this doesn't bode well for a Starbuck/Anders reconciliation. :/

  • I'm impressed: they didn't lie when they said that Starbuck had died. I'm interested in this storyline.

  • Loved the bit with the 13th tribe being Cylons.

  • Leoben's reaction is darned interesting. She made a good point when she asked, "Bad for you, or bad for me?" I'm paraphrasing, but that's the gist. Why is he afraid of her? What does he suspect or know? Or is it the fact that he really doesn't know, doesn't have a clue, doesn't have enough information to manipulate the situation that's freaking him out? After she told him that the hybrid told her she was the harbinger of death, does he now think she's the harbinger of death for the Cylons specifically?

  • I feel bad for Laura. I can really understand where she's coming from ... to have been so wrong, to have let everyone down, to feel like you have sentenced everyone to death ... not to mention the cancer on top of it ... yeah. I know she thought she was doing the right thing. I'll be curious to see if she has the courage to admit it publicly. She's pulled it together in the past, and I hope she can again. She's entitled to some grieving time, though there's not much time for it ... there's the survival of the fleet to consider. I think she's ready for all her trials to be over, and yet ... if the prophecies were wrong about Earth, maybe they're wrong about her cancer, too. Maybe she'll survive. I hope Bill points this out to her.

  • A lot of people have said that Tyrol's shadow on the wall reminded them of Hiroshima. I agree with this, and suspect it was entirely deliberate.

  • Did Brother Cavil know Earth's secret? Is that part of why he has been against contacting the Five, part of why the civil war broke out in the first place?

  • From someone in the BSG community: "Earth is the place where you cross the river, and sometimes you make it to the other side." So, these Five are the only survivors from the previous cycle? More information is needed.

  • It seemed like CurrentTory was heavily implying that PastTory was the woman to whom PastAnders was singing. Maybe that accounts a little bit for their, erm, strange hookup.
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