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Thanksgiving pie results

So, the pie.

The recipe didn't say squat about needing a deep-dish crust. I now know. Fortunately, I had two regular crusts, and it worked out fine. Speaking of crusts, I could not find the Oronoque pie crusts to save my life. I went to Publix, I went to the Fresh Market, and I went to Harry's Farmer's Market. No luck. We used Pet-Ritz instead, and it was quite tasty. Don't believe me? Ask the New York Times.

I'd toast the pecans beforehand next time. Yes, the recipe said to do this, but I was barely able to get a moment in the kitchen to fix it to begin with, Mom's toaster sucks, and there was no room on the stove to pan-toast them. Regarding baking the pie, the oven was occupied for hours with the rib roast which, incidentally, is wholly not my idea (I'm not crazy about beef), but my father insists on it. Heck, I wouldn't object to a vegetarian Thanksgiving (no meat impostors, just a lot of great sides), but I'm way outvoted.

I'd also blitz the chocolate chips in the Cuisinart for a spin or two (not much) just to break them into smaller pieces and help them melt more smoothly.

It tasted good, and people devoured it. Making it confirmed my hunch that the Karo syrup is what creates the gooey part found in some pecan pies that I don't like (I don't bake much, so I wasn't 100% sure). A bonus of splitting the recipe between two crusts created minimal goo, so that was a plus. It came out more like a chocolate nut bar or tart. Perhaps I'll try to find a recipe sans Karo syrup.

I was also thinking that coconut would be good in it ... kind of like a pie version of a Mounds bar. I found this recipe for a Chocolate Coconut Pecan Pie after the fact ... not everyone likes coconut, though.

One thing I did do right was shield the edges with foil. Someday, I'll get a pie shield and a pie chain.

Ultimately, I should've just made it in advance. Not having made the recipe before, I couldn't predict how well it would have traveled, but I now know it would've been fine.


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Dec. 1st, 2008 08:17 pm (UTC)
Pecan pie is one of my favorites! :) I've made it a bunch of times, and yes, the corn syrup is essential. Most recipes have you boil the sugar syrup with another sugar (granulated or brown) and that helps it to jell. If you're making something like a chocolate pecan pie, that probably requires a different mix.
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