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American dining trends at the close of 2008

The Zagat guide has released its 2009 list of top dining spots in Atlanta.

This is just my opinion, but I feel as though the guide has become less reliable in recent years through no real fault of its own (although the subscription model it was using on its site for a while didn't help). At one time, it was pretty much the go-to guide of its kind for city dining. However, the respondent groups have changed: they're now split between Zagat, Citysearch, Yelp, Urbanspoon, and other feedback sites. Some foodies participate on multiple sites, sure, but not everyone has that kind of time, so demographics can vary from site to site.

Despite that, the information they gathered has produced an interesting profile of how Americans are dining out in the current economy. Click here to read more, and to learn what a BATH is.

I clearly don't fit in with the standard American diner: the article ranks the following as America's favorite cuisines:
Italian remains the nation's favorite cuisine according to a 26% plurality of surveyors. Following close behind is American cuisine (16%), Japanese (12%), French (11%), Mexican (9%) and Thai (8%).

I don't care for most of what passes for Italian here; I'd take Japanese, Vietnamese, or American Fusion over it almost any day of the week. I detest alfredo sauce.

On the bright side, I was pleased to see Holeman and Finch mentioned in the article.

Link courtesy of Creative Loafing's Omnivore Atlanta.

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