pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

Video your vote ...

... just not if you live in Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, Nevada, Texas or one of the other states that expressly prohibits the use of photographic equipment in a polling place.

YouTube is partnering with PBS in an initiative to have voters document their election experiences. It's called Video Your Vote, and I'd probably do it if it weren't against the law where I live. I think it would be kind of fun - a tangible "I voted!" memento.

The question on the latter is why? I can understand a rule stating not to be intrusive with a camera and not to photograph people without their consent, but why can't you take a picture inside the voting booth of your ballot? What were the justifications and reasons submitted by the legislators in the aforementioned states, particularly in Georgia, that led to this conclusion? Without knowing those reasons, it seems arbitrary and outdated, particularly in light of voters' concerns about not having a tangible record of their transaction.

Does anyone know why this is? I'm puzzled, and I'd be interested in knowing more. I'd like to believe there's some good reason: I just can't think of one. I can't see what harm it would do to snap a photo or a short video of me placing my vote.

Frankly, I want two receipts for my ballot: one for me to verify for accuracy, and one that goes straight into a locked container for poll workers to verify against the computed results. If I can get a receipt from my ATM, why not from my voting machine?

I hope some of you in states that permit this will participate. Post it here on LJ, if you feel so inclined. The best I'll be able to do is take a picture of my "I voted" sticker. :(

Tags: elections, georgia
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