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Mo' bettah taste

Sometimes, small things improve the quality of our lives, so I'm bothering to mention this.

My mom tried new Quakes, little rice cake snacks from Quaker (now owned by Pepsi Co., for the investment conscious), and recommended them to me. I picked up two small bags, one of the Cheddar Cheese, and one of the Nacho Cheese.

They're really good! Very tasty - the Cheddar Cheese blend tastes almost like Cheetos! They have all kinds of flavors, too: Chocolate, Caramel Corn and Apple Cinnamon for those with a sweet tooth, and Ranch, Sour Cream & Onion, BBQ and the aforementioned cheesy ones for savory/crunchy junkies like myself.

Another thing I like about them is the calories and fat tally: the Cheddar Cheese has 70 calories, 25 of them from fat, in a serving. Compare that to a serving of Wavy Lays, which has 150 calories, 90 of them from fat, and some of it saturated fat, at that. If we're comparing apples to apples (same number of chips), I can have 11 Cheddar Cheese Quakes for 85 calories, 30 of 'em from fat, while I can have 11 Lays chips for the aforementioned tally. Same number of chips for 1/3 the fat, and none of it sat fat. AND they actually taste good. Additonally, the Apple Cinnamon and Caramel Corn are fat-free.

They used to be called Crispy Minis, I think, but I never tried 'em under that name.
Tags: food, health
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