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Sushi Zutto

10-01-2008: Lunch at Sushi Zutto
From left to right, top: Squid, eel, yellowtail, smoked salmon, and tuna
Bottom: salmon and avocado maki

I tried Sushi Zutto for lunch based on the review from Chow Down Atlanta. I'm liking Chloe's blog. Of course, anyone who hates PF Chang's is okay by me.) :)

I was pleased: the place is immaculate, and the nigiri portions were generous. The fish was extremely fresh. Since this was my first time, I went for the $12.50 lunch combo (miso soup, salad, and your choice of six pieces of nigiri plus one maki), rather than the all-you-can-eat (made to order; not a buffet) for around $16 (this is valid at dinner as well). It also made me happy that their lunch hours extend just a bit past most places. I know that Hashiguchi and Sushi Huku shut down right at 2:00 pm; Sushi Zutto is open until 2:30 pm, which is nice for those of us who start our days a bit later.

Minor con: they didn't have any low-sodium soy sauce that I saw, although I probably could have asked for it. I just don't like having to ask for a condiment that's right on the table in most of the sushi restaurants I frequent these days. I'd also like to try more of their rolls: the order checklist for the lunch menu, while reasonably comprehensive, seemed to be missing some of the more interesting maki listed on the printed menu. I'm not sure if they just ran out of room or if they don't prepare those rolls at lunch, so I'll need to investigate further.

The staff was friendly without being intrusive. I like that. Sometimes, I just want to eat my lunch without feeling obligated to socialize, especially if it's my first time visiting an establishment.

I'll definitely return. Sushi Zutto and Sushi Nami are the two best sushi options I've found at the north end of Atlanta thus far. While Nami's menu has more variety, Zutto is closer, and it's always nice to have a choice.

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