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More on the Georgia gas shortage

  • Gas crunch hits delivery businesses

  • Then and now: the fuel crisis

  • Gallery of images

  • Gas lines overshadow big weekend events in Georgia
    Weeks after Hurricane Ike shut down Gulf Coast refineries and dried up interstate pipelines, the shortage continued, hitting hardest in Atlanta, Nashville, and the Carolinas, including the Charlotte area and the mountain towns to the west. Many across the Southeast were keeping their cars in the garage this weekend, forced to cancel plans for fear they’ll run out of gas.

  • Many factors combine to fuel gas shortage
    This is probably the most informative of the articles:
    Q: Why are we having gas shortages in Atlanta?

    A: Hurricanes Gustav and Ike hit back-to-back. The refineries shut down in anticipation of Gustav. Then Ike hit and the gas production and refineries didn’t restart because of power outages. That also affected the operation of major pipelines that move gas from refining areas in the Gulf Coast to facilities throughout the Southeast.

    Q: Why does it seem that there’s more of a shortage now than after Hurricane Katrina?

    A: The stockpiles of gasoline and other products are lower now than after Hurricane Katrina. So current shutdowns are mainly due to power outages in the areas where there are refineries. The good news is they’re starting to come back online. Production will be restored faster than it was after Katrina and Rita because the refineries weren’t damaged as badly. As of Friday, only four of 56 Gulf Coast refineries remain closed.

As for me, I haven't taken my car out of the garage since Friday. I'm at a little under half a tank right now, and I'm trying to hold out.

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