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Caught up on BSG

So, David and I finally got caught up on Battlestar Galactica last night.

I've been saying for quite some time now that the fifth is probably going to be either Admiral Cain or Ellen Tigh. I'm now leaning toward the latter.

Things we know:

  • Ron Moore has said that the fifth Cylon is not in this picture.

  • The fifth Cylon is probably a woman. This works out in terms of balance, and because of the scrutiny that people on the 'net have applied to scenes of Deanna's visions. The fifth may have been a stand-in, but it appeared to be a female stand-in, and it's reasonable to think that the director would have pulled in five substitutes of matching gender and similar height.

  • The fifth probably wasn't on board the Galactica when the music was played. I've been saying for a long time that they'd have some explaining to do if she were, and now, Deanna saying, "the four among your fleet," seems to corroborate that. Whoever the fifth is, she's not in the general body of the crew. She may be off the ship entirely, quarantined or imprisoned somewhere, or disguised somehow, but for whatever reason, she didn't have free access to go the way the others did.

  • Metaknowledge: I can't find the source right now, but I read some time ago (probably around February 14th or so), that the writers have known since the first season who the five were. "Pegasus" was the tenth episode of the second season, and was our first encounter with Cain. Now, scripts are written in advance and discussions about plot occur even earlier, so this doesn't rule her out entirely, but it does slightly increase the likelihood that it's Ellen.

  • The hybrid's prophecy from Razor:
    And the fifth, though still in the shadow yet clawing for the light, hungry for redemption, that will only come in the howl of terrible suffering.

  • Cain and Ellen are both dead as far as we know, and both have suffered (though that doesn't exactly narrow things down - a lot of folks have suffered on Galactica). Both could use some redemption, although, in my opinion, Cain's in greater need of it than Ellen.

Of the two, I had been favoring Cain given the Razor movie -- it seemed like quite an investment of capital for someone who wouldn't be playing a part at the end -- but now I'm leaning more towards Ellen. Given the pregnancy of the Six in the brig, the overlays of Ellen there, the fact that it's Saul's voice saying, "You're the fifth," at the end of the preview for the first episode after the break, and the fact that it resolves Saul's storyline ... she's seeming the stronger candidate at the moment. The only hurdle is that, thus far, we've been led to believe that Cylons cannot reproduce with other Cylons, but that could be part of the redemption/resolution. Remember all the experimentation with Kara's eggs? Sexual reproduction seems to be something of a Grail for the Cylons.

And in the midst of confusion he will find her, enemies brought together by impossible longing, enemies now joined as one. A way forward and once unthinkable yet inevitable ...

Lots of folks thought this was about Leoben and Kara joining forces to find Earth. It could mean that, but it could also work in the context of Saul and Six.

I'm okay with either of those options as the fifth. What interests me more is the resolution and explanation of the opera house story line. What is Hera's ultimate role? Also, the when of the arrival on Earth: there had been lots of speculation about that, and now it seems it's going to factor into that particular mystery.

We still don't really know how the Five are different. Clearly, they age, but what else is different about them?

As a side note about "Revelations," I was glad that the workers who had gone on strike were included in the montage of people cheering over finding Earth. That was a nice continuity nod.

I want to know what's going to happen with Kara and Sam. I think Lee's resolution is that he gets to be president after Roslin dies, and I kinda think that's all he gets, but maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part since I like Kara and Sam together.

I'd also like to see some sort of happy resolution for Gaeta. I still hope for Tory getting booted out an airlock. I've just never liked that character.

Other than the bludgeoning Christ imagery with the gash in Gaius Baltar's side, I'm still interested in seeing what happens to him.

We need more answers.

Supposedly, there will be a BSG two-hour special in 2009. Episodes 13 to 22 of Season 4 will air in early 2009, possibly starting in January, with the series finale possibly running for up to four hours, according to a statement by Ron Moore mentioned in the Wikipedia entry.

If you're looking for some worthy sci-fi to fill your time during the gap, Hulu.com now has the first two seasons of Babylon 5 available, including the pilot. The first season, like the first season of most shows, is a little rough around the edges (you'll see some significant alien makeup changes between the pilot and the first episode, for example, as well as cast changes), but persevere. It becomes more polished. I've always liked Christopher Franke's score, too.

Rewatching the first episode, "Midnight on the Firing Line," some of the dialogue is surprisingly prescient. The senator directing Commander Sinclair says, "The Earth Alliance can't go around being the galaxy's policeman." When Sinclair is recounting a history of sneak attacks, I couldn't help thinking of 9/11, and yet, this episode first aired in January of 1994. There's plenty of foreshadowing for the actual plot, as well.

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