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The McCain and Obama Plans for U.S. Health Care Reform

I heard Jonathan Oberlander speak about this on Fresh Air on NPR last night. There's a decent summary overview here, and the actual article from the New England Journal of Medicine here. In addition to his job as associate professor of social medicine and health policy and administration at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Oberlander is also active with the Greenwall Foundation, which provides grants to the arts and to those active in bioethics. Although it's always important to take articles like this with a grain of salt, whatever the author's bias may be, the material didn't get in the NEJM without review. Such a major publication requires plenty of data to back up conclusions.

While the economy remains a top issue with voters, health care is almost a subset of that: how are people going to pay for their treatment when they get sick?

I found it somewhat alarming that some of the people who are most likely to vote for McCain -- people in his age bracket -- would likely have a very hard time under his health plan. Opponents have pointed out that, given McCain's bout with cancer, he'd have difficulty getting insured under his own plan. I was also cautiously optimistic to hear that Obama's plan may not be injurious to small businesses, depending on how "small" ends up getting defined. I find it ironic that my parents are almost certainly going to vote for McCain, yet they'd be more likely to get less expensive medical coverage than they have now (both are diabetics), under Obama's plan.

Here's Digg's summary on it:

Most uninsured Americans would probably remain uninsured under the McCain plan. Most Americans without insurance would gain coverage under the Obama plan through the new public and private insurance options, and Obama has not ruled out adopting an individual mandate in the future if the plan does not produce universal coverage.

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