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50s Housewife post, part two

Dang it. :(

Well, okay, the Cascade tip mentioned earlier? Not a 100% all-purpose remedy.

My husband startled me into spilling salsa on my shirt. Now, it was only a drop. In hindsight, since the washer was right there, I should've just let it go through once in the wash without the Cascade, to see if it got the stain out. However, given the previous effectiveness of it on the other t-shirt, I immediately reached for it.

Turned out not to be a good idea. The other shirt it worked on was a light shirt. This one was a dark shirt. This appears to be a very important difference, indeed.

The stain is far worse after coming out of the washer. :( The Cascade made a very large, bleachy stain that left what is essentially the right breast of the shirt much lighter than the rest of it. The shirt is ruined, far more than it would have been even had the small spot of salsa not come out. And I'm upset: the shirt was a sentimental fave that I was wearing because it was my birthday. It cannot be replaced. :(

No, I don't blame my advisor. I'm just letting anyone who read the previous post know, as a cautionary tale, so they won't make the same mistake that I made. :(

In short: 1) use it as a last resort, after other methods have been tried, and 2) use it on light-colored things only.

No idea yet about delicates yet.


Live and learn.
Tags: domestic, gripes and grumbles
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