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Reels of Time

Courtesy of my dear husband:

Wheel of Time films

Let the casting speculation begin. If you will pardon my cynicism, although I'll see it anyway, I will be greatly surprised if it isn't a disaster. Seriously - there's just way too much ground to cover. You thought it was hard to do justice to Lord of the Rings? Trust me, Peter Jackson succeeded mightily if someone as picky as I am only had a few minor quibbles. 12 books of material, though? Ain't gonna happen, or if it does, it ain't gonna happen right.

Just don't let the casting director base the casting on the cover art - most fans I know despise it. Actually, if they just get Moiraine Damodred right, I'll still complain, but not as much. We need a noble, petite brunette with formidable mien. Gandalf, but female, ageless, and a little more INTJ than Ian McKellen's warm interpretation.

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