pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

Why is it so hard to find a decent greeting card?

Mild rant.

It has been an uphill battle trying to find a birthday card for my husband. Paper Affair used to have a decent selection, but they've reduced their card section considerably in the last two years, and what's left tends to be risque/gross-out humor. There were exactly four "to husband" cards from which to choose the other day, all of which I would have been embarrassed to give, so I left the store empty-handed. I have avoided shopping at Hallmark for years, as they tend to donate to causes I disagree with. Still, I sucked it up and went there today, and found one that was decent.

I just want something tasteful, but funny. There isn't a locally-owned independent card shop of which I'm aware nearby. I don't want an e-card. Googling hasn't produced much that's suitable. Does anyone know of a good web site for such a thing?

EDIT: I had this in the mental post (see comments), but forgot to put it in the real post. I am not crafty. I would not enjoy making my own card. It would not look nice, and it would probably fail to convey my intent. I only dated a political cartoonist: I cannot actually draw. Someone would politely pretend to enjoy receiving my handmade card if they got one, because it would look like the work of a four-year-old, and while those have sentimental value from actual four-year-olds, they tend to produce puzzled smiles and looks when they are given by 38-year-olds. :)

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