pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

Yumnacious: a trip to the Melting Pot

The Melting Pot has still got it, and it has gotten better with age. We did the "Big Night Out" special, with salad, cheddar/emmenthaler (glorified Welsh Rarebit, really) appetizer, lobster, shrimp, chicken, filet mignon, teriyaki beef, and veggies in their coq au vin boullion, and the white chocolate/amaretto dessert fondue, all accompanied by an odd shiraz that, initially, I didn't like as well as the Rosemount, but then it got better - it worked well with the main course, I think. Finished up with dessert coffee.

I know people think fondue is kind of gimmicky, but the chain does what they do very well, and that is the key to its continued success. It's not just a novelty place, it's the fact that they deliver a good product. We had a lot of fun last night.
Tags: restaurants

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