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O'Reilly's producer gets pwned

Move over, Chuck Norris. Courtesy of streamweaver's mighty linking powers, I present the legendary Bill Moyers:

Near the end of the video, you can almost hear FOX ambusher Porter Barry going "Yipe-yipe-yipe-yipe!" like a wounded pup. Don't bring a knife to a gun fight, and don't mess with Bill Moyers. He was the press secretary for Lyndon B. Johnson, and he's eaten better than Barry for breakfast with a hot buttered biscuit on the side. He is absolutely one of the elder statesmen of journalism in America, and I am proud to have worked on a project for him years ago at ETV. My only regret is that I had to go back to school (summer internship, it was), so I didn't get to meet him in person.

I don't get into schadenfreude much, but as someone who's done print, television, radio, and web journalism, I have no use for guttersnipes who exist only to sensationalize and instigate hostility. They are not journalists. They do not seek to illuminate the truth, or to present multiple angles of analysis on a story. They are not looking for insight or perspective: only for blood. O'Reilly's a coward for sending a minion to attack Moyers when he was the keynote speaker at the 2008 National Conference on Media Reform, and his lackey deserved what he got. Credit to TheUptake for the original video.

Tags: journalism, people behaving badly
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