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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I forgot to mention that we saw Indiana Jones and the Excessively Long Title Kingdom of the Crystal Skull while we were in the mountains. I liked it: hearing John Williams' legendary score rolling triumphantly through the theater gave me a hopeful little thrill, and I wasn't disappointed. I think Spielberg, Lucas, and especially Ford have no reason at all to feel embarrassed.

I was glad to read that Spielberg and Ford apparently overruled Lucas' desire for more aliens: I think the balance in the film is just right, and more would have been too much. As I said in arafel's post on the subject:

Dear George:

Back away from the ILM computers. Breathe slowly and deeply. Try to remember that not every scene has to have a CGI spaceship in it. Indeed, you yourself have made movies without them. They were even pretty decent. Harrison and Steven are your good friends, and they care about you, enough to perform what's called an intervention. Listen to them. They're right on this one.

Get better soon,


It was a fun adventure ride (I'm ready for the theme park attraction). Ford is still unquestionably Indy, and it was a treat to see Karen Allen back - I thought they both looked good. Shia LaBeouf acquitted himself just fine, but I don't think he's the heir to the role. (Frankly, there's only one man I could see following Harrison, and he's already just about played Han Solo.) Nothing will ever touch the original (Angelina Jolie, eat your pouty tomb-raiding heart out), in my opinion, but I was definitely entertained. (Anybody besides me ever imagine setting all of Indy's bullwhip scenes to "Whip It" by Devo? Apparently so!)

I'll admit that I wanted to like it, and I'm glad it exceeded my expectations a bit. I prefer Raiders of the Lost Ark to Star Wars IV: A New Hope just about any day of the week. I loved reading the Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid, and I still read a little adventure fiction today.

It's been kind of nifty to see its resurgence in pop culture. Since the movie's release, I've seen new Indiana Jones-related guild names spring up in Warcraft like weeds after a good rain. The Armory shows 29 results for Raiders of the Lost Ark alone! You just know that some of these kids weren't even alive when the first movie came out, so it's charming to see how the franchise is reaching a new generation.

Yep, the magic is still present in that old fedora.

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