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Back from the mountains

Back from vacation, but I've been really busy since Saturday sucking it up and transferring data from the old machine to the new computer I got at the beginning of May. I had just been so busy prepping for vacation and with other matters that I hadn't had time! I've now transferred all my non-program data. Tomorrow I begin transferring all the stuff associated with programs. I haven't done this in four years, so I've accumulated plenty of stuff. It's good to do this periodically, though -- I've found some new programs to replace old utilities, and so on.

Vacation was okay: it wasn't quite as relaxing as I'd hoped it would be. We've rented cabins from these folks four times or so, and have never had a single problem. Wouldn't you know it that the one time we have people up (mumpish and proftlb stayed with us from Saturday through Monday afternoon), we encounter technical difficulties? All were minor and we worked around them, but on vacation, you want things to just work, so that was marginally frustrating. Even the hot tub wasn't quite as nifty as some we've used.

I did get three books read while I was there: The Ice Limit, Book of the Dead, and Wheel of Darkness. I'm now fully caught up on Preston and Child's collaborative works, as far as I know.

The brightest part for me outside of getting to spend some time with my sweetie was sharing Twin Peaks with J. & T. We got up to Episode Seven, the Season One cliffhanger finale, and decided that was a good stopping point (well, D. and I watched all the way through, but we're Peaks Freaks. We need to watch Fire Walk With Me again, but I have to muster for that because it's so sad). They liked it well enough that they purchased the Gold Box edition themselves, and have now watched through Episode Eighteen. Seriously, I'm toe-wigglingly happy: I'm absolutely looking forward to discussing my favorite television show ever with two of my dearest friends -- some of you may recall that the fabulous spring_1970 and I did a panel on it back in 2001, and it was one of the best times I ever had at Dragon*Con. We had doughnuts for it, too! :) If you're a fan, I'd enjoy hearing any thoughts you'd like to share, just please be careful not to spoil anything ... they might read it.

I'll see you in the trees.

Tags: computer hardware, twin peaks, vacation
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