pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

Well, someone in the Obama campaign has read Sandman

It seems that someone who likes the idea of Barack Obama being president is also a Sandman fan, as per Neil Gaiman's 3/1/08 blog entry:


It caught my attention partially because this year is the first time I can recall anything culturally relevant to my personal sphere of interest ever being used in a campaign. However I may diverge with Obama here and there on certain issues, his literacy (and apparently, that of some of his followers), is truly a refreshing change.

This bit of Neil's entry made me chuckle:
Or as a comic store employee explained to me back then, the problem with Sandman was that people bought it to read, and they couldn't be persuaded to just buy lots of copies as investment items.

As a side note, my apologies for the hyperposting today. As I say, I've been pretty swamped, so I'm making up for lost time a bit.

Tags: elections, neil gaiman
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