pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

Saw Ice Age

Cute enough. There was a bit or two that didn't work, but Denis Leary was well-cast, I thought. Hadn't seen a movie in a bit.

Saw the much-ballyhooed Star Wars preview. I so do not care about Anakin and Amidala. Nope, the politics and the saber fighting interest me far more. Ian McDiarmid and Christopher Lee, Anthony Daniels, Frank Oz, Ewan McGregor - their bits will be far more interesting than the teen luv story and bloody Jar-Jar Binks. Why the hell Lucas doesn't let Jonathan Hales write the whole script is beyond me. It would work out so much better. That whole "You're so beautiful" bit is just too painful too watch. Gag. Retch.

One thing that kind of freaked me out was this:

Jimmy Smits as Bail Organa

Now, I knew when I saw it that it couldn't possibly be Timothy Dalton: time doesn't warp that much no matter how good the makeup is. However, I did have to blink for a second, as I think, in this shot, Smits bears something of a resemblance to Dalton as he appeared in 1968's Lion in Winter as Philip II. I tried to find a picture to compare the two side-by-side, but no luck on Lion. Maybe it was just me, but for a second, I did a double-take (it's more pronounced in the non-static trailer version).

Well, okay, in the still above, he looks like Jimmy Smits, surrounded by people in blue makeup and rubber bits. But I swear in the actual trailer, he looked more like 1968 Dalton.

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