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Paint, girl

I am really late in posting this, but a belated shout-out, credit, and thanks to Patricia for sending me the link.

The Art of Applying Drag Queen Makeup, by Roxy Hart

I have always found drag queens intriguing for a variety of reasons. They are living proof that so much of what our culture idolizes as feminine beauty is entirely construct and artifice, and I've always admired them for working so hard at something that they don't have to do. In the strangest way, they seem kindred spirits to my mother -- I remember a show at Backstreet years ago where Charlie Brown was encouraging some of the women there to not be so lazy in their attire, and to take a little pride in their appearance. My mom used to have a clothing store, and frequently lamented my generation's unwillingness to put a little effort into looking good (I'm very guilty as charged, Mom).

To me, the illusion that drag queens create to entertain really is kind of awe-inspiring and magical, and it takes so much confidence and courage to get out there and do it -- no wonder the comment "you are fierce, girl," was often heard in the hallways back when I went to shows. There's both satire and homage in what they do: Busby Berkeley's spirit lives on in Vegas shows and in drag productions, and the best really are artists.



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Mar. 10th, 2008 04:20 pm (UTC)
I love drag queens. LOVE THEM. Even if some of the ones I've met have been cattier than the most estrogen-lady females I know.

It's funny how much effort goes into looking like it really required no effort at all, whereas drag queens go after the high-maintenance look with a ferocity.
Besides, a 'natural' woman rarely looks anything like the 'natural' looks in the magazines.

I'm lucky if I take the effort to blow dry my hair in the morning.

Even when I wasn't sharing a body cavity with another human being, it was only on the rarest of occasions that I took enough effort to put on some makeup AND do my hair. But I was never very good at the whole feminine thing.
Mar. 10th, 2008 09:00 pm (UTC)
*smiles* If I haven't told you lately, each post you make reminds me that I'm glad you're in the world. :)

Your last bit reminds me of one of the most spot-on things that my sister ever told me: "You were never very good at being a little girl." So true, and I'm okay with it. Like the drag queens, "I am what I am." :)
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