pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

Super Tuesday

So, CNN is reporting that Obama won thirteen states, while Clinton won eight in yesterday's primaries. However, she's got more delegates at the moment.

Like mumpish, I cast a vote for Obama, despite the fact that he's not my ideal candidate. I am aware that many Republican strategists would love to see Clinton as the nominee -- it's part of why Rove and others were calculatingly casting her as the front runner early on, in the hope that saying something enough times would make it true: they know that it's a sure way to get their base out to vote against her, no matter who the Republican nominee is. If you want at least four more years of the pendulum sticking right where it is, make her the nominee. They've probably got the order for the ABC - Anybody But Clinton - buttons already filled out and ready to submit. I hope you'll forgive my cynicism, but them's tactics, folks.

As for the Republicans, it looks like McCain's the front runner. I worry a bit about Huckabee's Southern surge -- it makes him a more appealing veep candidate, and that's still too close for my comfort level.

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