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And in Georgia ...

This is from a January 11th poll conducted for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Obama, Clinton neck and neck in Georgia; Huckabee has big lead in state's GOP primary

Granted, this poll occurred before the Florida results were in, but the data does not surprise me, and it may not change but so much regardless of McCain's momentum. I've expressed concerns numerous times to friends that Huckabee would do well here -- and I didn't even have this data, I was just basing it primarily on the fact that nearly 75% of Georgia's voters voted for an amendment banning gay marriage, and that there are a lot of fundies here. Last night, I was driving through a fairly affluent area south of Northside Hospital and saw a Huckabee sign. Last week, a middle class woman I know in Woodstock expressed support for him.

Maybe I'd better drag myself to the polls after all.

EDIT: Here's poll data from January 22nd, which is more recent than the material linked above. I'll be curious to see how it shakes out once it is updated for the most recent departures.


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Feb. 1st, 2008 03:50 am (UTC)
Unless poll numbers change drastically between now and Tuesday, I'll probably end up in the Democratic rather than the Republican primary. With those numbers, nothing I do is going to prevent Huckabee from getting delegates from GA. On the flip side, there's only 1 percentage point between Clinton and Obama.... As you said in an earlier post, I'm kind of tired of voting against someone rather than for them, but I truly dislike Hillary enough to make it worth it one more time.
Feb. 3rd, 2008 02:09 pm (UTC)
More current poll numbers show Obama and McCain leading here in Georgia, so Republican numbers have changed dramatically, but with Democratic superdelegates in play, I am definitely not taking any chances.

I agree with you -- we are on the same page on this. :)
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