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Maybe Mr. T. is pretty handy with computers!

streamweaver has blogged about these; I'd seen 'em before, but didn't have time to post about them. Anyway, although I know they're sort of preaching to the choir, I think these two new World of Warcraft commercials are pretty funny:

Mr. T:

William Shatner:

They also prompted fun conversational fodder in the car on the way to South Carolina. Which celebrity would best fit each class? If Actor X played World of Warcraft, what would be his or her main character? We also speculated about friends who don't play the game (mumpish, we believe you'd make a very good warrior, given your strong spatial relations skills).

Famous folks that are confirmed or rumored to play:
  • Ben Affleck (Was in the WoW beta. No idea if he's still playing, he's been pretty busy between his new movie and fatherhood, but he likes games. I remember a Vegas dealer telling us about him.)

  • Bill Amend (FoxTrot)

  • Asia Carrera (Big time gamer. Also into Unreal Tournament. Video games are supposedly very popular with adult entertainment stars.)

  • Dave Chappelle

  • Stephen Colbert

  • Jonathan Davis (Korn's lead singer.)

  • Felicia Day (former player; recurring role on BTVS. Now makes a YouTube series called "The Guild" that satirizes WoW.)

  • Vin Diesel (I've read that he also likes D&D.)

  • Shawn Fanning (created Napster)

  • George Fisher (lead singer of some band called Cannibal Corpse)

  • Topher Grace

  • Hulk Hogan

  • Yao Ming (Yes, really. He plays a hunter, and was upset about a tauren warrior kiling him and his pet. I believe he's on a PvP server.)

  • Masi Oka (He's on the Spinebreaker realm, or was. Given his time as a digital effects artist, it would surprise me if he didn't play.)

  • Edward James Olmos

  • Trey Parker and Matt Stone

  • Daniel Radcliffe (I've heard mixed reports about this. Some say he prefers EQ2.)

  • Brandon Routh

  • Curt Schilling (baseball player)

  • Jessica Simpson

  • Jon Stewart

  • Senator Ray Tenorio (I can confirm this, 'cause he plays his dwarven priest on our server. Matter of fact, he offered one of my characters a slot in an instance run, but I was just about to log. Nice guy, from the brief conversation I had. Personally, I'm delighted, and hope he can talk some sense into our less computer literate reps.)

  • Jennifer Tilly

  • Tom Welling

  • Robin Williams (The man is no newcomer: he's a gaming nut.)

  • Elijah Wood

And ... not a celebrity ... just the rather famous Napoleon Dynamite Blood Elf male dance:

Winner of the Blizzcon 2007 Dance Competition:

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