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For those trying to explain Warcraft

I've read that Azeroth now has a larger population than Switzerland. Despite that, a lot of people stll experience the slight smirks of non-gamers if they happen to mention World of Warcraft in their presence.

I found this through WoW Insider, and thought the NPR reporter did a decent job of explaining that it's, well, just a bunch of friends talking and playing together, much as they'd do if they were playing poker or some other board/card game, or trivia at a local pub. The difference is that it's more like a teleconference, which is also something that non-gamers can comprehend.

Where Every Wizard Knows Your Name

Other things that have nothing to do with the above:

  • I went to Taste of Roswell this weekend. Ennh. It might've been better had I gone earlier in the day, but when I arrived, it was almost all chains and few independents.

  • I went to lunch at a Lebanese restaurant on Sunday and had the sourest carrot pickle I've ever eaten. It was delicious. Totally addictive.

  • I got all caught up on Heroes. I love the Matt and Mohinder household, but I hate the reset that Claire and her father seem to have had in terms of their relationship. After all they've been through, after that powerful episode where he sacrificed so much for her ... how can they not tell each other what's really going on? Adrian Pasdar (Nathan) looks a lot thinner than he did last season. I wonder if he had a part over the summer that required him to lose weight? I don't think he's sick, but it doesn't look healthy.

  • I've had a sore throat since last night. I took today off, and I've gargled with salt water and taken Cold Eeze. It's a mite better, but we'll see. I really, really don't need to be sick right now because I have a huge deadline at the end of next week. Bleh. I need some down time, and I know my body's trying to tell me that, but it's just going to have to wait for a little bit. Not forever -- just a little bit.

  • Last ep of Damages is tonight. I've really enjoyed it: excellent pacing. Just enough information in each episode ... I really think they've timed things out well. If you liked The Usual Suspects, I thiink you'd like this show, but you have to catch all of it.

  • The "definitive" gold box edition of Twin Peaks comes out on the 30th. Yes, the pilot is included in the set. Still no word one way or the other on the FWWM deleted scenes, though.

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