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Georgia's tax dollars at work

This is very nearly unbelievable. I mean, there are plenty of places my tax dollars go that I'd just as soon have allocated elsewhere, but golf? We're paying taxes so people can play golf?

Pork barrel on the green?

And Jack Hill, the cheeseball Republican senator whose district includes Brazzell's Creek, tries to justify it thusly:

"You can't separate state parks and golf courses, in my mind ... Not everybody can [afford] golf. Not everybody can be in a country club," he said. "The way you should look at it is that the state is providing recreation for all the people of the state."

Great, Senator Hill. So, when I present my initiative for the state to underwrite video gamers in the name of "providing recreation for all the people of the state" (after all, I don't play golf), I can count on your support? Great. I think it'd be swell for y'all to pick up my Warcraft tab. Or you could just refund the money we've all spent on subsidizing a golf course in an area where the majority of golfers have a household income between $50,000-$100,000 a year.

Sheesh. When your fellow Republicans are trying to shame you into flying right, Senator Hill, it's likely well past time to toe the line. I just hope they're not watering it in the midst of this drought we're having. Your buddy Governor Perdue is asking to have it declared an emergency, in case you hadn't heard.

Tags: georgia, people behaving badly, politics
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