pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

Christian conservatives fielding their own candidate?

I think this is interesting:

Coalition of Christian conservatives threatens to field third party candidate (Source: Plastic)

I'd be curious to see how the numbers really shake out. I have often wondered if their faction was statistically small in number compared to the "silent majority," but that they seemed larger because they were so vocal. It's hard to tell from where I am, because living in a heavy red state puts me in the same sort of fishbowl that living in a hard blue state would: I just see the outdated Bush/Cheney bumper stickers instead of the Kerry/Edwards ones. Given that, it'd be easy to have erroneous perceptions based on anecdotal experience. If this goes through, I'll be curious to see what percentage of the voting population is truly hardcore right.

Side note on a pet peeve: I don't give a red cent (or a blue one) what your political affiliation is as long as you behave yourself, but for the love of little green bugs, could you please remove the ancient bumper sticker from your car? The election is long over. New candidates are running. If you simply must cover your automobile in tacky adhesive, at least keep it current.

Tags: elections, politics/government

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