pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

He ain't perfect by any stretch of the imagination ...

... still, giving credit where credit is due, I gotta give Giuliani props for not rolling over to the right-wingers on abortion thus far:

Giuliani bucks GOP field

Whatever his various strengths and weaknesses, I applaud him for not kowtowing on this one (yet?). I know he's very controversial in some areas, but I have to reluctantly admit that I was impressed when I heard him speak. He came across as that thoughtful student who actually likes to, y'know, read and know the material before being tested. I say reluctantly, because I in no way, shape, or form want to seem to be giving tacit approval to the poor job that his party has done in the last eight years and more. Still, to be fair and honest, he does seem to really actually care -- not pseudo caring, but he appears to truly give a damn. If he's faking it, then he's a better actor than Clinton, who I also saw speak when he was running. Maybe he does really care ... given all the money he's made from the private sector, and given his health, he certainly doesn't need to bother with this.

We'll see how things shake out. Miles to go before 2008 arrives, and all that. If it comes down to him and Obama, it'll sure be refreshing to have two candidates debating who have at least mastered human speech.

Addendum: Giuliani has donated to Planned Parenthood

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