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Growing things

I haven't planted anything since I was a tiny girl of three or so, planting nasturtiums with my Dad in the backyard.

$56 dollars later, I have three pots full of potting soil. One contains basil seeds, one contains dill seeds, and one contains flat-leaf parsley seeds. It was darned hot out there yesterday. I had to drink some water and lie down afterwards.

I've now had three different people tell me that seeds are problematic. At checkout, I told the clerk in the nursery that this was my first time planting anything in my adult life. He smiled, and said "Well, don't give up!" The people in line behind me laughed knowingly. "Good advice!" one exclaimed.

I called my parents proudly, to tell them that I'd actually planted something. As a geek, I am not known for my green thumb. Heck, I was proud of the prize-winning vegetables my farmer family grew in The Sims. My parents told me that they'd never had any luck with seeds, and that they always used baby plants.

Today, I told my co-worker, who'd been encouraging me to do some gardening. She said "if your little seeds should putter and fail to thrive, you can purchase little plants for a dollar and stick those in the dirt."

I'm getting a distinct vibe here, but we'll see what happens. Perhaps I can create a cheer for the little seeds: Go, go, little plants, grow! Germinate, germinate, yeeaah, germinate!

Think it'll work? :)



Apr. 23rd, 2007 03:51 pm (UTC)
Oh piffle. You live in Georgia. You get oodles of sunshine.

I've been growing big raised bed gardens for a while, and the only problem I've ever had with seeds has been trying to germinate them indoors before it got warm enough for them outside. But yours are outside, getting lots and lots of bright light.

PLUS! You're growing herbs, which are basically weeds. Nothing has been as hardy as my herbs have been. Even with my cats eating them down, they still turned into humongous gigantic bushes.

You'll be totally fine. Sometimes seeds just don't germinate, but if you put in several, chances are in your favor. I think growing herbs as a first time venture is great - higher success rate :)

Just follow the watering instructions for the little plants, don't drown them and don't parch them. They're in tasty potting soil and should be just dandy. To my knowledge, dill, basil and parsley are hardy little bastards.
Apr. 23rd, 2007 05:15 pm (UTC)
Well, our backyard is pretty shady, but I've placed 'em slap in the middle of the deck, which does get sun. Little buggers should grow: they have sun, water, and very nutritious soil. I tried to be fairly careful about the depth planted.

I have no idea if the neighborhood cat will eat them, but I'll worry about that when something actually sprouts. He does favor our deck over all others. :)

Thank you so much for the encouragement!


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