pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

Choice still matters

Terrance at The Republic of T. writes what I feel is a very compassionate and respectful post about the narrowing choices for terminating a pregnancy:

Intentionally Choosing

As I said in my response, I am appalled by the Supreme Court’s ruling, not only because of the specific issue involved, but also because of the larger issue of interference in practitioner-patient decisions. Reducing the autonomy of the doctor and the patient in determining what is best for the well-being and health of the individual limits health care options, rather than expanding them, and in life-and-death decisions, I know I'd want all the latitude possible to make the best decision for myself and those I love.

I had to include this bit from Kennedy that just drips with paternalistic condescension:
In describing the federal law’s justifications, Justice Kennedy said that banning the procedure was in fact good for women, protecting them against terminating their pregnancies by a method they might not fully understand in advance and would come to regret later.

Oh, thank you, Great Daddy Justice, for protecting wittle me from my own health decisions that I'm clearly not capable of making for myself as an autonomous, rational adult.*eye roll*

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