pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

Birth Year YouTube

I pilfered this meme from catarzyna

  1. Go to YouTube and find a video from the year of your birth.

  2. Post it in your LJ.
I chose this video because it recalls a special moment I had with my father. I may have mentioned it here before, but coming home for a visit for the first time after going off to school, my Dad and I sat in the living room. I was sharing with him some of the new music to which I'd been exposed during those first few months. I played a few cuts from Sinead O'Connor's Lion and the Cobra album, and he started pulling out his beautifully-cared for vinyl albums, citing this, that, and the other as influences. We had a neat evening of compare and contrast.

One of the albums he pulled out was by Buffy Sainte-Marie. This is the song he played:

Tags: dad, memes/quizzes/webtoys, video
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