pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

I finally saw Clerks

twr and spring_1970, this one's for you.

I finally saw Clerks, and I quite liked it. Matter of fact, I think I may have liked it more than my spouse. He was expecting it to be funnier. Me? I thought it was quite funny, but also very sincere. I'm glad he included the deleted ending, but I'm also glad he changed it: it would've totally altered the entire meaning of the movie and, I think, would've made it a little too college-student-statement-pretentious. I definitely want to see Clerks II.

So, right now, Kevin's at two out of three with me. I've also seen Dogma (liked), and Chasing Amy (disliked).

Nothing to do with that, but I love my new icon. James Callis has really flexed his acting chops this season. That scene in "Precipice" just slew me.

Tags: movies, netflix
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