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Quick bits

  • A marginally-belated happy birthday to mumpish.

  • Warmest congratulations to proftlb on the new job.

  • I quite liked The Departed. That's the best bit of acting I've ever seen from DiCaprio, although I still need to watch The Aviator. He deserves an Oscar nomination, in my opinion. And Wahlberg and Damon, both of whom grew up in Massachusetts, clearly had way too much fun with their parts.

I'm sure there's more, but it's time for bed.

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  • I find this hilarious

    A co-worker found this and shared it with me because she is made of awesomeness. Presenting ... Chia Obama!

  • Orwell was about 25 years off

    I'd really like to believe that this isn't true, or that it has somehow been misreported: Britain To Put CCTV Cameras Inside Private Homes Source:…

  • This made me chuckle

    William Shatner gives a dramatic reading of part of Sarah Palin's farewell speech on Conan O'Brien: Source: Salon.com

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