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Damned if you do; damned if you don't

Fixing food that one's spouse does not like is invariably a Catch-22: one is either stuck eating all the leftovers, or one is stuck having to go without a food one likes nearly all the time. I've tried to get around it by fixing likely suspects when we have company, and when I'll have someone besides the spouse to help me consume, but invariably, particularly the first time I make a recipe and don't know how it's going to scale, there are still carloads of leftovers.

I liked the lima bean dip the first, second, third, fourth, and even fifth time. After the sixth, I was getting a little tired of it, but beans are supposed to be very good both for the heart and the memory, not to mention my Scot-Irish frugality prevents me from throwing anything out that is reasonably tasty and hasn't gone bad.

I have lost count of the servings. I am now merely grateful that the lima bean dip is gone. :)

Have been working on reorganizing WG sublistings. The reviews and previews sections are done and up; am still working on the articles sublisting, and have a few other things I want to twiddle around with before all is said and done.

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