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Project Skankway

I think thermidor is probably going to be the only one who cares about this post, but it's my spouse's fault that I'm watching it. I wouldn't if it weren't for him because it would simply annoy me too much.

See, the thing that drives me utterly crazy about "reality" shows is that these competitions ... aren't. It's all scripted, and Jeffrey is preordained to stay until near the end because the stupid producers feel they need to have a villain character to create pseudo drama.

What ticks me off about it is that a better-looking dress lost to him because of this produced predestination. Kayne's dress looked like a cocktail dress coming down the runway (there are some details that are hard to see in the blurry linked shot). The back was a bit dubious, but it at least looked like something that someone would really wear to a cocktail party.

Jeffrey's looked like a reject from a C-grade Eighties music video, or perhaps what a "bad girl" character on Square Pegs might've worn in an episode.

Of the designers left, I think Michael is going to win.

Top Chef is about to start up. They replaced Katie Lee Joel, mercifully. Unfortunately, Colicchio is still there. I'll likely watch an episode or two to see how much of an improvement the new host is, and then decide if I'll stick with it. I'm about determined that I won't watch Project Runway next year. I'll finish this season, and then call it. The contrivance of the whole thing just grates on me to the point that it's marginalizing the part of the show that I do like, which is seeing what the participants create.

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