pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

Thoughts on friendship

It's Monday. Let's get to it.

Friendship: An Expose

Lonely Nation

Has romance or marriage affected your friendships?

Friendship, or the lack thereof, is much in the news of late. What's had a positive impact on your friendships? What's had a negative impact? At this point in your life, what do you seek in a friend?

I realize I'm potentially opening up a can of worms, here, so I'll make it easier for people to be brave and candid: all comments on this entry are screened so nobody can see 'em but me. I'm also enabling anonymous posting, so if you want to say something but don't feel comfortable with me knowing that it is coming from you, that's totally okay, too. :)

If you DO want your comment to be open for debate, please mention that in the comment so that I know that it's okay to unscreen it and make it visible.

Tags: identity, introspection/analysis
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