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No company planned for this weekend, thank goodness. Three weekends in a row with that kind of pacing is a little much for us, considering I'm a borderline extrovert and my husband is a very high introvert.

Happee me! A new LJ friend, and even better, one from RL, too. *waves*

When two different people mention Neil Gaiman in one day, it must be time to go check out what he's currently doing, so I visited his blog. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: when I die, I will be happy for many things, but one of them will be the fact that I was alive and reading Sandman when it was in active production.

I know several people I respect who have blogs, and as one pointed out, it is indeed fun to say the word. I don't know much about them - do they have a comment feature? I kind of don't want to go create one to learn about it because then I'll feel obligated to maintain it. (Me? Compulsive? Whatever do you mean? ;) ) Does anyone out there know the pros and cons of either? Is there a web page out there that lists the positives and negatives? I did look at Blogger back when I started this, but didn't find their page too informative, at the time, and since freakyferret was already on LJ, I came here. I've got so much time invested in this one that it'd be a real pain to even toy with starting over, but even with that, I'm curious.

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