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Bibs and bobs (mostly Firefly-related)

The heat is really sapping my energy. I've been feeling tired all week, and have had little to no appetite. I hate summer in the South.

Saw The Dead Pool last night, so I'm done with the Dirty Harry movies. It was so-so, but I suppose it was fun to see Liam Neeson and Jim Carrey in early roles.

I watched the Done the Impossible documentary last night, and it far exceeded my expectations. It looks very professional, and if you're a Firefly fan, it'll really make you feel proud of your efforts.

Speaking of Browncoat goodies, I am really looking forward to the mail: I ordered a Big Damn Heroes messenger bag! It's going to be a really good size for carrying around my crochet supplies, and it will be a nice replacement for the plastic Michael's baggie that's I've been using. Plus, it's so cool! I'm just tickled about combining two hobbies in one bag.

For those of you not sure what that loud "thunk" was earlier today, it was the sound of teenage girls (and some boys, too) all over the world fainting after reading that Daniel Radcliffe is going to get all nakey in a London stage production of Equus. Now, mind, it's an interesting play that's been around for almost as long as I've been alive ... I had some limited exposure (no pun intended) to it back in Governor's School, but I'm thinking that this incarnation's success won't be primarily due to its plot. *cough*

It's probably not a bad career move for him, though. Like Elijah Wood's turn in Sin City, it's a dramatically different turn from playing Harry Potter, and it will force some people to see him in a new light, especially if he's developed enough as an actor to really deliver the role.

Our favorite wine shop is having a sale this week. Must get by there to pick some goodies up.

I'll have to remember to try this place for popcorn sometime.

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