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I am not very patient with myself

I'm pleased with the progress I've made with the basics, however, I've just never been very good about walking before trying to run, and I want to get better with crochet. I can do single, I can do double, I can do treble ... but I want to get into real patterns, and learning what the terminology means can be a little frustrating. It's possible to understand the words without understanding what they really want you to do with the yarn, sometimes.

It's not that I want to crochet, say, The Lady and the Unicorn tapestries. Nope, I just want to make this bag. I'd like to have a bag into which I could tuck my yarn and materials. I'm using this string, which I got on sale today. It's just a basic, natural cotton with little pastel flecks in it that I like. Simple, but with a hint of color.

I was fine until I got to this part:

Do not turn. Working into other side of ch, work 1 sc in each rem loop of ch.

I'm going to take it to work tomorrow and see if K. can tell me how I'm supposed to access the other side of the chain if I don't turn it? I'm not even sure where I'm supposed to poke the hook: through the initial chain again, or through the single crochet stitches I just made? Through which side, really? The side facing me, or the side I can't see if I'm holding it like this:

- - - - - - | (end of loop to begin next row)

I am determined to get better at this. I want to learn; I've researched plenty on the 'net, but it's one of those things where you have to know the jargon, and to know the jargon, reallly, you have to see it and do it. I'd be glad to pay for a class, but I don't want a "let's all make a poncho" session. I don't feel like I'll get much out of that. I want someone to sit with me for two hours and show me stitches and let me ask questions about increasing, decreasing, fastening off, and so on. I know enough now to ask questions. I've read enough to know the bits that I'm not quite doing right because my initial instructor just knots - she doesn't fool with weaving in the ends, and I know that's not quite the preferred way.

Max J that I am, I want to do it right.

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